About us

The name “Gocce di Luna” (Moon Drops in English) recalls a historical brand of Anna Spinato’s Winery, which got established in the late nineties in the US market especially.

This is a selection of elegant bubbles of Prosecco Sparkling, which evokes the image of a night sky and the atmosphere of a romantic toast under the moonlight, mostly thanks to the special packaging made up by a blue glass bottle with a label in silver foil on which the profile of the moon is depicted.

Today, the company enriches the brand with other references in a completely innovative key both from the points of view of the used packaging and of the content. However, the evocative image still remains the same of the past: the desire to lead you at each sip in an atmosphere of sweetness to make your toasts unique, but now also in a “green” and light style . In fact it’s a new sparkling, whose bond with nature can be easily recognized in the quality of its grapes coming entirely from italian organic crops.

It is a sparkling also suitable for all those who, for various reasons, can not consume alcoholic beverages, because it is a drink made of grape juice with no alcohol. A fresh drink which, thanks to its soft fruity notes and the liveliness of its bubbles, is ideal to accompany with lightness and taste your moments of conviviality.

Packaging is one of its distinguishing features. The pearly white characterizing the film in recyclable PET that wraps the bottle entirely and enhances its golden details, offering a modern design, yet simple and elegant.